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Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race



Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race Sunday December 4

After completing the Warrior Dash and the 8 mile Super Spartan Race, I considered doing Tough Mudder but was hesitant because of the 12 mile distance and the fact that it is such a hardcore event. Tough Mudder is advertised as being "Probably the toughest event on the planet. Finally, I decided just to go for it and although I'm feeling a pain in my legs like I've never felt before, I'm happy to say that I earned my orange head band. My favorite obstacles were Mt Everest (the vert ramp/half pipe0 and Funky Monkey (The monkey bars). My least favorite obstacle was the electroshock therapy.

There are 3 Tough Mudder events in Florida in 2012. Tough Mudder Jacksonville, Tough Mudder Miami, and Tough Mudder Tampa. I'm sure I will probably do at least two of them.

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Tough Mudder Pledge:
"As a Tough Mudder I pledge that...
I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
I do not whine -- kids whine.
I help my fellow Mudders complete the course
I overcome all fears"

Tough Mudder Obstacles

Ball Shrinker - traverse ropes stretched across a pond
Berlin Walls - climb over walls made of wooden planks
Boa Constrictor - crawl through dark tunnels
Braveheart Charge - participants run down the mountain
Cliff Hanger - a rocky climb up the top of the mountain
Death March - steep climb up one of the ski slopes
Devil's Beard - crawl through low cargo nets
Electroshock Therapy - run through live electric wires
Fire Walker - Run through flaming bales of hay
Funky Monkey - swing across monkey bars over cold water
Greased Lightning - slide down a steep hill into the pond and swim back out
Hold Your Wood - participants pick up and run with heavy wooden logs
Jocks on the Rocks - jump into a pit of mud and ice
Killa Gorilla - run up and down a steep hill ten times
Kiss o'Mud - participants crawl on their bellies through mud under low wire
School of Tough Knocks - climb up and over an old school bus with ropes stretched across it
Swamp Stomp - run through deep mud
Sweaty Yeti - scramble through snow
Texas Smokehouse - run through a wooden structure filled with smoke and mud
The Gauntlet - Go up a steep ski slope while being sprayed by high-pressure hoses
Twinkle Toes - walk across a narrow board over a river or pond
Underwater Tunnels - swim underneath barrels held on the surface of the water
Walk the Plank - jump off planks into a pond
Monster Chase - participants run after a monster truck for each start wave
Chernobyl Jacuzzi - participants climb into and out of one of three lined dumpsters containing icy water and colored dye
Hay Bale Pyramid/Texas Bale Bonds - Climb over mounds of straw
Everest - run up a steep, slick ΒΌ pipe structure covered in oil
Chain Gang - a hill approximately 30' tall by which the participants are forced to create a human chain to ascend a steep muddy slope with a low sloped downgrade exit.
Nature's Pocket - descend into 25' of underground tunnels
Smoke Chute - Climb 15' to a 5' free fall into a 1/4 pipe slide.

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